What Are Pot Belly Pigs Really Like?

If dirt, garbage and untidy are the words that come to your mind when you hear the word pig, then you must give a break. The world has seen a distinct variety of pigs called the “Pot bellied Pigs” which do not call into these characteristics. These pigs originated from Vietnam, are those varieties of pigs which are found to be domesticated and bred as pets.

They are found to be well going even with other kids of pets such as dogs and cats. A fully grown pig may weigh around 130 kg and appear like a large bread dog!!. They are freedom lovers and never like to be kept bound. They like to wander around and can be freely left around in the house. They easily mingle with kids and get attached to them soon. The pigs can be trained easily and well adjusted to human livelihood making them eligible to be bred as pets.

The pigs are found of eating and need good supply of food. They are omnivorous in nature and eat grains, greens and meat. They need regular vaccination and health check-ups too. They are odor free by nature and hence can be let into the house too.

The most important point to be kept in mind is to check with the local authorities if is it legal to breed the pigs as pets. In some locations, pot bellied pigs are classified as “livestock” and hence may not be allowed to be tagged as a pet. So go to a local breeder today and get a pig to home to find a new member for your home.

If you want to learn more about Potbelly Pigs then check out Pot Belly Pig Secrets.


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